Ethereum News (July 18) – Games on the rise

Looking for the latest happenings in the world of Ethereum? This article will bring you up to date on the latest news and trends for this popular Cryptocurrency. 

Ethereum Price Climbs

According to, on the 16th of July 2018, the price of Ethereum continued to climb at a rapid rate against both the USD and Bitcoin trading above the $470 mark and 0.0700 BTC.  This indicates positive sentiment from the market towards Ethereum and the possibility that Ether could break the $500 mark.  The currency peaked at $476.98 before settling at the $460 mark. 

MLB links up with Lucid Sight for blockchain based game

In other news, Major League Baseball joined forces with Lucid Sight, a developer of Blockchain games, to create a decentralised App game, temporarily named MLB Crypto-Baseball. Collectors of baseball cards will be able to collect blockchain-based baseball avatars and be able to store and trade them in a similar fashion to the previous baseball card collections and the current blockchain games such as Cryptokitties. 

Major League is hoping the launch of the game will inspire fans to attend more games in the forthcoming season as the game will contain elements that are event and time sensitive. Purchasing and trading in the avatars will require players to buy Ethereum or Metamask.  Read the full article on

Imbrex Launches Decentralised Real Estate Marketplace

On 16 July 2018 Imbrex launched a decentralised marketplace focusing on the real estate market. More than 2200 listed properties from Toll Brothers, a Fortune 500 company, have been listed in the marketplace. Stephen King, a veteran in the real estate industry, believes this symbolises is a significant change in the way real estate transactions will take place going forward by creating a secure environment with open communication for the real estate industry. The cost of utilising the marketplace will be significantly less than traditional property marketing and users will just need to pay a monthly amount for keeping their information current. Read more here

Ethermon moves from Ethereum to Zilliqa

Cryptodisrupt reported this week that the Ethermon game will be moving from Ethereum to Zilliqa. The reason behind the move has been cited as largely due to the high gas prices that have been experienced on the Ethereum network in the last while. These high prices have resulted in some challenges for the players and a decrease in the activity. The game will remain on the Ethereum network, even though it will be using Zilliqa in the interim.

Both teams are working on a long-term scalable solution as Ethereum has been struggling with scalability solutions since the launch of Cryptokitties and as gaming is considered the next big thing in blockchain, it is essential for Ethereum to find a solution and retain their position as the largest decentralised platform for gaming. 

Betting on the Crypto market

Finally, as the Soccer World Cup 2018 and Wimbledon draw to a close, AMB Crypto has reported on the impact the betting market has on the Cryptocurrency world. The Soccer World cup alone generates more than $36 billion in betting, and an increasing proportion of this is happening via Cryptocurrencies. This has posed problems for countries that have banned gambling as some of the gambling rings run on the dark web and cannot be traced. The main currencies used for the placing and payment of bets is Ethereum , Bitcoin and Litecoin, due to their decentralised nature. 

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